A picturesque French village. A rustic villa. "Café and croissants". An idyllic setting in which to learn French in a small group with an experienced teacher.

Come and join your host and teacher, Delphine Sinclair, on an adventure in the South of France. Improve your French language skills with an intensive course, whilst enjoying the vibrant local culture in an authentic provincial villa. You'll also visit all the idyllic treasures the South of France has to offer and still have plenty of time to wander around at your own leisure.

Every morning you will wake up to the smell of fresh croissants and perfect coffee. This will be followed by your language class where your knowledge of French will improve out of sight. By the end of your stay you'll be speaking like a local! Throughout your "séjour", A La Française will organise professionally guided tours to the main cities and villages of the region, where you will be able to put into practice everything you have learnt in class.

  • "After teaching French for many years I realised adults needed an opportunity to reach their full potential, the only way for them to do so with their busy lifestyles was to come with me to France and to be completely immersed in the language and the culture. This is what created the passion that I share with you during my A La Française trips to France and the French weekends."

  • Delphine Sinclair, Director – A La Française
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